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Therapy and Marriage Intensives

I am a clinical psychologist licensed by the State of Florida. My practice focuses on individual and marital therapy. From my offices at the Marriage and Family Enrichment Center in Tampa, I offer a variety of appointment times each week.

Committed To A Christian Perspective

My work in therapy is based on the application of principles from the Bible and the field of psychology. I use the truths in Scripture and the truths in psychology to help clients bring about change in their individual lives and relationships. Through therapy, clients can gain understanding in emotional expression, thinking and behavior.

My goal is to guide persons toward emotional and relational health by relying on my personal faith in God, the truths in the Bible and the science of psychology.

I'm an active, directive, cognitive-behavioral therapist. I develop a plan of action for my clients and help them carry it out with homework assignments.

I can manage all aspects of a client's therapy and counseling needs, including psychiatric referral for medication when indicated.

A Depth of Professional Training and Experience

I earned my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. I also hold the Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas.

Beginning in 1982 at the Minirth-Meier Inpatient Clinic in Garland, Texas, I have trained in a number of inpatient hospitals and outpatient counseling centers.

I conducted outpatient individual, marital and group therapy at the Milwaukee Clinic of the Clackamas County Mental Health System in Milwaukee, Oregon.

I completed a one year full-time psychology internship at Philhaven Hospital, a private psychiatric hospital in Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania. During this intensive year of training, I provided treatment for individuals experiencing a broad range of psychological disorders. At Philhaven, I performed both outpatient and inpatient individual, marital, family and group therapy.

I have been in private practice in Tampa since 1986.

Sessions can be scheduled by calling the office at 813-879-4927. Or, you can email us at: My full fee is paid at the end of each session by cash, check or credit card. Many insurance policies cover a portion of the cost of therapy. A receipt for insurance reimbursement is provided to the client at the time of each session. Office located at 6505 N. Himes Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33614.
Marriage Intensives
I also offer one, two, or three day Marriage Intensives at my Tampa offices. Unlike many Intensive programs, I only work with one couple at a time.  Typically, couples stay at a local hotel and I see them in a number of double sessions(90 minutes). It could be one double session or two per day. The cost is the same as my regular therapy sessions: $165 per 45 minute hour. Intensives take place during my normal work week(Monday through Friday), not on weekends. My typical intensive is four double sessions over two days: on each day, one morning session and one afternoon session.  I only accept credit cards or cash for an intensive.
Once you have scheduled your intensive, you pay a $330 deposit via your credit card.  If you come to the intensive, this deposit is applied to the cost of your intensive.  If you cancel at least 7 days before the intensive, the deposit is refunded.  If you cancel less than 7 days before, the deposit is not refunded.
Getting out of town and away from life's distractions helps you focus intently on your marriage. Real breakthroughs can be achieved.
Often, a couple will come for an intensive after reading one of my books on troubled marriages: I Don't Love You Anymore(recovery from serious marital sin such as adultery), I Don't Want a Divorce(how to rebuild a broken marriage), or Married But Lonely(no serious marital sin, but a marriage with low or zero intimacy). If you want to know how I work with couples, read these books.
I am an active and directive therapist. I will, with God's guidance, tell you what to do. I will give you homework assignments. I offer Biblical, practical solutions to difficult relationship problems. I will work to clarify the main marital issues, develop a plan, and start you on that plan. You will then follow up with a Christian therapist in your local area.
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